A Place to Embrace

After an attack by lava monsters devastates his village, Ramoos of the River Clan is left alone to care for his four brothers and little ones.  All of the clan elders perish in the attack and it falls to Ramoos to shepherd the surviving children across the plains to the clan’s sanctuary in the foothills of the mountains.  Hunted by the lava monsters all the while, they fight a losing battle for survival.

Kiji Brooks, captain of the Spirit of Liberty,  achieves orbit around Saturn and wakes the first human landing party, for the moon Titan, from hibernation.   The drop ships depart and no sooner is the base set up than the first new discoveries come in.  One curious type of ice structure found, resembles a meter tall gumdrop.  When it is discovered that there is a large intricate diamond formation at the core of these lumpy pillars, they are collected wherever they are found.Ramoos and his brothers seek the help of their gods as their numbers dwindle.  Kiji becomes concerned about the activities of the landing party and descends to the surface to investigate.  Kiji and Ramoos are thrown together by fate and these unlikely allies must fight to survive against the harsh forces of the Titan elements and against the forces of human greed.

Works by Hugh Mannfield

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